PyleHome PCM60A Amplifier - 60 W RMS - 1 Channel

Sale price$124.99


This 60 watt power amplifier provides the juice you need for your 25 V or 70 V PA speaker. Connect up two mics / aux inputs using the rear terminals, XLR input, and RCA jacks. Mic-1 has an auto talkover so you can easily cancel the other inputs. Each input has an independent gain control, and you can also adjust the tone of the sound using the rotary treble and bass faders. Connect your speakers using the rear terminals. This unit is also equipped with an unswitched 500W max grounded power outlet on the back. Also capable of music-on-hold. Includes a replaceable fuse and detachable AC power input. Runs on 110 or 220 V.

  • Helps maintain the signal's strength

  • Listen to deep lows and extreme highs maintaining 15 kHz maximum frequency

  • Features 1 audio channel

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