Moshi - Otto Q Wireless Charging Pad

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Fastest wireless charger in the world

Certified Qi wireless charger

Otto Q is Qi-certified and features optimized circuitry to charge your phone faster than competing wireless chargers.

Quality materials

Otto Q cushions your phone with its soft material finish, while a silicone surface ring and base keeps your phone securely in place.

Foreign Object Detection

Wireless charging is disabled immediately if a metal object is detected, ensuring safety in all charging scenarios.

Supports fast-charging

Upgrade to fast-charging to charge up to 10 W using a high-output charger like Moshi's Rewind C.

Smart LED

See your phone's charging status at a quick glance thanks to Otto Q's Smart LED. Breathing LED when charging your device.

Keep your case on

Our innovative Q-coil™ module features a 2.6 mm ferrite sheet that charges your phone efficiently, even through cases up to 5 mm thick.

Stay cool

Otto Q features a multilayer heat sink design for enhanced passive cooling. Protect your device's battery while maintaining peak charging performance.

Efficient and safe

Advanced circuitry provides for optimized wireless charging, Foreign Object Detection, overheat protection and Smart LED control.

Wide compatibility

Otto Q is compatible with all Qi devices which includes the latest iPhone, Android, tablet, and more.

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