Moshi - Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter (4K)

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Moshi's Mini DisplayPort To HDMI Adapter/Audio provides premium audio and video from your Mac to a 4KTV in a simple hassle-free process. Supports multi-channel digital audio output. It has an aluminum casing and a slim design that gives you access to all the ports on your Mac. HDMI OUTPUT Share it big Ideal for extending or sharing your laptop's screen on an HDMI display or projector. SUPPORTS 4K See it clear HDMI-compliant to support both Full HD (1080p) and Ultra HD* (4K) displays. * requires Thunderbolt 2 or DisplayPort 1.2 MULTI-CHANNEL AUDIO Experience cinematic sound Allows for multi-channel audio signals to be carried over a single HDMI cable on compatible devices. ALUMINIUM CASING Protect inside and out Rugged housing stands up to travel and also reduces electromagnetic interference.

  • HDMI-compliant to support both Full HD (1080P) and Ultra HD* (4K) displays
  • Supports multi-channel digital audio output on compatible devices
  • Aluminum casing minimizes EM interference
  • * For Thunderbolt 2 or DisplayPort 1.2 devices.

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