Moshi - iGlaze Hardshell Case for 13-inch MacBook Air (USB-C)

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Moshi's iGlaze offers ultra-slim, lightweight, and durable protection for your 15-inch MacBook Pro. Its two-piece polycarbonate construction provides 360-degree protection to your laptop. Includes raised rubber feet and enhanced scratch protection for extra long life and vent holes to assist heat dispersion.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE Ultimate protection iGlaze is made from a flexible yet durable material to offer the best possible protection and resist cracking and spitting for a long product life.

RAISED RUBBER FEET Get a grip Anti-slip material for added stability on any surface, with a raised base positioning to allow air to circulate under your MacBook for enhanced cooling.

MICRO-CLIP DESIGN Snap it on iGlaze is made from a flexible material for easy installation, with precision snap clips to hold it snuggly to your computer's frame without affecting the opening and closing of your screen.

SCRATCH-RESISTANT Can't scratch that A specialized anti-scratch coating keeps iGlaze (and your MacBook) looking new for longer.

VENT AND PORT CUT OUTS Access all areas Custom cut-out panels allow for unobstructed airflow and more efficient heat dissipation as well as full access to all of your MacBook's ports.

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