Moshi - 4K High Speed HDMI Cable (6.6 feet)

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Thin High Speed HDMI Cable supports 4K (Ultra HD) resolution, four times the clarity of 1080p. Perfect any home entertainment setup.

  • Ultra-thin and flexible cabling means easier deployment and less stress on your equipment's HDMI port.
  • Ideal for next-generation Ultra HDTV (4K2K), Xbox, Playstation, AV receivers, and media players such as Apple TV, Fire TV, or Roku.
  • Anodized aluminum casing with triple shielding minimizes electromagnetic interference.
  • Supports 1080p, Stereoscopic 3D as well as high-speed Ethernet.
  • Supports Audio Return Channel to transmit audio from TV to receiver.
  • Supports UHD 4K resolutions at 60 fps.

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