Laut - CRYSTAL MATTER (IMPKT) 2.0 Xase for iPhone 12 Series - Quartz

Model: 12 Pro Max
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Introducing CRYSTAL MATTER 2.0, our flagship tough case for iPhone 12 Series, capable of surviving drops up to an incredible 22ft./6.7m!

Designed with one mission in mind - CRYSTAL MATTER 2.0 was built to survive in even the most demanding situations.
By utilizing our proprietary shock proof IMPKT Cell Technology™, CRYSTAL MATTER 2.0 is able to deliver A-grade drop protection all packaged in an even slimmer casing than its predecessor.

With its anti-slip ergo-grip, increased camera and screen protection, tactile aluminium buttons and anti-scratch back - CRYSTAL MATTER 2.0 is arguably the most feature rich case for iPhone 12 series. What's more, CRYSTAL MATTER 2.0 utilizes our Antimicrobial Technology, keeping your iPhone safe from 99.99% of common surface bacteria.

CRYSTAL MATTER 2.0 is a beast in disguise!

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