Cyber Acoustics CA-2880 Portable Sound Bar Speaker

Sale price$18.99


The portable CA-2880 laptop speaker bar is perfect for movie watchers and music listeners on the go. Powered by USB, there's no need for external power, thus creating a single cable experience that denies clutter. The provided travel pouch and portable design makes the CA-2880 perfect for taking on trips. The 1.5" drivers make for a solid listening experience, and the laptop clip is suitable for the portable lifestyle. Travel is made easier with the CA-2880 laptop speaker bar.

- Convenient desktop volume control
- On/off button
- LED power indicator
- Portable design
- Carry pouch included
- Easily attach to your laptop
- 3.5 mm input required for audio playback

  • 3.5 mm input required for audio playback

  • LED power indicator

  • Easy to attach to your laptop

  • Carry pouch included

  • Convenient volume control

  • On/off button

  • Portable Design

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