Belkin - Boost Up Charge Dual Port Usb A Car Charger 24w With Apple Lightning Cable 3ft - Black

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Belkin BOOST UP CHARGE Dual USB-A Car Charger 24W and USB-A to Lightning Cable Charge two devices simultaneously with Belkins Dual USB-A Car Charger. This compact charger offers faster-than-standard charging speeds and an LED indicator to let users know when its connected to a power source. A 1-meter/3.3-foot USB-A to Lightning cable is included so users can get charging right away. Product Features Dual ports charge two devices at once from a single car power socket 12W power from each USB-A port for 24W of total output power Single white power indicator showing that the charger is receiving power Compatible with any device that uses a USB-A cable 1m/3.3ft USB-A to Lightning cable included

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