360 - S9 LiDAR Dual-Eye Vacuum+Mop Combo Robot Cleaner - White

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S9 LiDAR automatic robot vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum and Mop 2-in-1; Smartphone App control: no-go zone; 2650Pa superior suction power; Amazon Alexa, Google assistant; 

Intelligent water tank;

Automatic suction power adjustment;

Up to 10 maps local storage;

180 minutes work time;

OTA Firmware update

Ultrasonic Sensor - LDS lidar+ Ultrasonic anti-collision sensor+ SLAM algorithm More accurate, efficient and effective cleaning performance

Dual Noise Reduction Duct keeps noise below 55dB Quiet 600Pa at 55dB

Intelligent water tank - 3 Water modes

Map management system – automatically maps home

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